Aug 22, 2012


I just enjoy searching for new and old Fashion short films on the net. Mostly every design house has a Youtube channel or a Video posted somewhere these days, so it's not really hard to find anything. I guess, with the hardest part, is to find the right once!
Watching those clips can give you a direct impression of what the creator of clothing or media (sometimes even both) had in mind. It is a great way to get inspired in such an easy but very amazing way.
As we also see, within Designer Collections, Movies, songs or music videos are quiet important to lead directions of trends. What kind of impression you have, is mostly part of your own creativity, but of course you will have a pretty obviously one!
One of my favorite short animated clips is the 'PRADA - Tembled Blossoms', directed by James Lima, from quiet some time ago. I remember watching it for the first time. I was talking about it for so long and when somebody is asking me, it still pops up in my memory.
But Tembled Blossoms is just one of many great short films which are mostly releast same time as the collection. There many more and of course, but what I like mostly about the PRADA one is the mixture of hand drawn and sort of wicked animated 3D feeling. It is the mood, the music by Cocorosie and the colors I like. It's hard and soft.

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