Oct 17, 2012


One of my all time favorite garments to wear is generally, a classic button up Shirt. Of course there are so many different shapes, forms and colors that it is hard to decide which one to go for at the end. Button down, round edges, big and loud print or just the simple white Shirt? Every morning, always those hard decisions. Of course I love those hard decisions, but hard is hard and it also take its time to get a right daily 'Work' outfit together. And how could life be easy?
I'm still in mad about my Viktor&Rolf asymmetrical Shirt in beige and black. the squares are all mixed up, a bit of an COMME des GARÇONS feeling to it, but still very V&R of course. I haven't give it a spin for quite some time now, maybe it is about time again. We will see... I just really enjoy looking at it and that is, in my opinion, also a really nice thing to do.

Oct 7, 2012


Oh Boy. I'm so into this song which I'm listening in repeat all day long. Solange, the little sister of Beyonce just released here new song 'Losing You'. I have to say that I am more than obsessed with the song and the music video. The styling in the video is with a lot of my favorite Designers from Moschino to Kenzo, which is shown in a soft and nice way. Director Melina Matsoukas filmed Solange with her friends in Cape Town, South Africa. Real smashin song with an amazing video!


Denim is a really hard topic for me. I am actually not really into denims in general. I don't like crazy washes, bleached or other nasty things on them. When it comes to denim trousers you have to make a hot pick of ten million different washes. But as it is I of course do also have denims. I prefer a simple blue denim and think you should call at least one pair your property. So that you have a basic pant you can build on and you know how much I love basics! The fit of the chosen denim is an whole other story. There are, beside to all the washes, of course again ten million different fits as well. So let me tell you, having all those washes and fits, I think it is best to go for a nice straight fit with a nice Italian Unwashed finish. For me the best choice. But as I am, open minded, I like to try out other stuff as well, so a few month ago I bought that blue pair of ACNE chino denims with a double front pocket and a nice waistband detail. The fit is quiet loose with a narrow leg. I have to say that I'm falling more and more in love with this style so that I do not regret the purchase of this item.


It is definitely Autumn now. The leafs are turning orange, the air is getting crisp and it is time to wear more rugged garments. This weekend was stunningly good weather here in Stockholm. Both days I was just the whole time out and about, seeing friends, enjoying coffee and eating tones of Kanelbullar, which is a swedish cinnamon bun I love. Beeing outside enjoying the weather I noticed a lot of BARBOUR jackets. All kind of different styles and colors, but mostly the classic green coated one with the traditional check on the inside. I always liked those, because of the reason, that it is just a well crafted and easy jacket.
Lucky me, that there was a sample sale at work and I also was blessed enough to take the only sample we had. Unfortunately it is not the style I 100% wanted, but I was just like: what the hell I'll take that. So know I'm owner of one more item in my garderobe which will help me surviving the weather changes and get me prepared for the winter season.

Oct 3, 2012


I just good the greatest present from my team at work. A beautiful silk Kimono from Tokyo, which they brought along after an inspiration trip. Just for me. I did not expect that and I was more than trilled when they gave this nice present to me. I always wanted a Kimono.
Looking at Haider Ackermann or the latest Prada women collection for Spring/Summer 2013 which is all about the far east and there traditional handcraft, especially in garments for next year, I can tell that I'm right on trend and loving the look. The modern take on it is what it always makes it unique. Of course it shouldn't look to forced or like a massacred, but with the right styling the Kimono will be an eye catcher in good old Europe.
My new love has a nice grayish/beige color in combination with black. The back a woven panorama of the Fujiyama, under layered with graphic squares in army green and silver. It is total silk. Reversible, so is the inside black with placed round flower prints, five of them all. The perfect classic Mens Kimono for me. Thank you my beloved team.

Sep 28, 2012


Spooky Wooky Dooky: The Ghost Jumper is in the house. I just got my J.W Anderson X TOPSHOP knitted Ghost jumper and I have to say, I'm madly seriously in love with this little compliment catcher! Just the groovies piece of garment. You can tell by my enthusiasm, I do really like this collaboration, also a big fan of collabs. in general. Looking forward to the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M one, which will be launch November 15th in selected stores world wide. I'm pretty sure they will be a lot of amazing pieces and key looks from the House of Margiela itself! I think it is such a good and unique way to get your name out there.

Sep 20, 2012


Of course it is again this time of the year where all the Fashion Houses releasing there Fall Winter 2012 campains. Looking at all campains it seams, that we will travel in time this season. From past centuries till futuristic space innovation, we actually have everything covered. Especially H&M with there Fall/Winter Lana del Rey campain hit the nail on the head. The Swedish fashion house just released today there current campain video with the new song 'Blue Velvet' by Lana. The mood within this video is set right in the 60's! Have a look at the posted video below, how do you feel about this Video?

Sep 19, 2012


Tell me what time it is! I tell you, Its Swatch classic time. As loud as this Swatch watch is, I love wearing it. Classic, Basic and uncomplicated that are three words which describes this hit piece exactly to the minute. Nearly all colors of the rainbow are available, so that everyones dream can come true. I prefer the classic black shade. Of course, goes with everything. Plastic fantastic is the key word.