Aug 21, 2012

MY FAV. 3.

How exciting. My first blogpost.
As I work with fashion everyday, this blog is going to be also mainly about fashion. I do get inspired by a lot of blogs. But mostly I just find Women or Streetstyle once. I miss a real good male version. As this is my first blogpost, I will show you 3 of my all time favorites which I think everyone should have in there wall drop. I noticed, while moving, my style always stayed the same, mostly. Only the colors changed. Now living in Stockholm, I have the feeling that I'm more into bold colors. These 3 items are always in my suitcase. Always making my outfit and always give me a good look!
1st: My COMME des GARÇONS two side neon something I always have with me. It's not just bright, I actually can fit everything in it. It holds so much.
2nd: My Camouflage PRADA shirt, which I love. There is not much to say about it. I think great items don't need to be in Vogue.
3ed: My very best and favorite friend. The oldest Cashmere jumper I have. It is falling apart but I still wear a lot.

These 3 items are what I call a must have in everyones wall drop. What is yours?

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