Oct 17, 2012


One of my all time favorite garments to wear is generally, a classic button up Shirt. Of course there are so many different shapes, forms and colors that it is hard to decide which one to go for at the end. Button down, round edges, big and loud print or just the simple white Shirt? Every morning, always those hard decisions. Of course I love those hard decisions, but hard is hard and it also take its time to get a right daily 'Work' outfit together. And how could life be easy?
I'm still in mad about my Viktor&Rolf asymmetrical Shirt in beige and black. the squares are all mixed up, a bit of an COMME des GARÇONS feeling to it, but still very V&R of course. I haven't give it a spin for quite some time now, maybe it is about time again. We will see... I just really enjoy looking at it and that is, in my opinion, also a really nice thing to do.

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