Aug 28, 2012


Do you know the feeling when you bring a garment to the dry cleaner and the second you hand it in, you want to pick it up again? You hope everything is going fine? You wish that nothing bad happens to your belongings?
As Anna dello Russo said once in an interview I read - Every time she brings a garment to the dry cleaner her heart stops and it is like she is going to the doctor - yeah well, I feel the same.
I can't wait for the pick up day. Today was such a pick up day. But a special one! I got my new slash old vintage H&M trousers back, which I got a few weeks ago, but haven't worn them yet because of disturbing smell, just not getting into more details. Lucky me, these pants are what I call 'a true one chance only buy'. Now details: The main color of the fabric is black with a nice sort of white stripe, 70% Wool and 30% Viscose and made in Italy. On a little tag it said '78. Not sure if it's suppose to be the time period or just a random number, what ever. A charming fitted waist, the leg is wide and goes down to the ankle. Also two pleats in the front. I am more than happy and can't wait to wear them!

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