Aug 27, 2012


Even though the sun is still shining and the sky is blue, I feel it already. The morning air is getting crisp and fresh, the evenings shorter and I'm even more tiered than usual. Riding my bike to work in morning is nice, for me a good start. Because of all the 'crisp and fresh' air I decided to get myself a new Coat for the F/W season. I think, cloth in general, are worth an investment. My trench-coat celebrates his 4th anniversary this year, which says a lot about my care and statement I guess. No need to buy each season a new coat. If it's a classic it stays a classic. Also I think if you spent a bit more cash on something you like, you Do care more about it, so that the piece you adore will have a nice and well treaded life until it falls apart after several years of happiness.
So let me introduce you my new ACNE Coat. I like ACNE as brand. I think it is a good basic brand with a even better marketing concept, knowing when and where to appear, good color choices and a nice eye for good details.
The Coat has a beautiful raspberry colored twill with a lime green and a fresh pink thread, the buttons are out of horn and it has a nice tailored silhouette. I went to the store tree times already and tried it each and every time on. It was love at the first sight, but you know how it is... But now it is mine. Finally.

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