Oct 7, 2012


Denim is a really hard topic for me. I am actually not really into denims in general. I don't like crazy washes, bleached or other nasty things on them. When it comes to denim trousers you have to make a hot pick of ten million different washes. But as it is I of course do also have denims. I prefer a simple blue denim and think you should call at least one pair your property. So that you have a basic pant you can build on and you know how much I love basics! The fit of the chosen denim is an whole other story. There are, beside to all the washes, of course again ten million different fits as well. So let me tell you, having all those washes and fits, I think it is best to go for a nice straight fit with a nice Italian Unwashed finish. For me the best choice. But as I am, open minded, I like to try out other stuff as well, so a few month ago I bought that blue pair of ACNE chino denims with a double front pocket and a nice waistband detail. The fit is quiet loose with a narrow leg. I have to say that I'm falling more and more in love with this style so that I do not regret the purchase of this item.

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