Oct 7, 2012


It is definitely Autumn now. The leafs are turning orange, the air is getting crisp and it is time to wear more rugged garments. This weekend was stunningly good weather here in Stockholm. Both days I was just the whole time out and about, seeing friends, enjoying coffee and eating tones of Kanelbullar, which is a swedish cinnamon bun I love. Beeing outside enjoying the weather I noticed a lot of BARBOUR jackets. All kind of different styles and colors, but mostly the classic green coated one with the traditional check on the inside. I always liked those, because of the reason, that it is just a well crafted and easy jacket.
Lucky me, that there was a sample sale at work and I also was blessed enough to take the only sample we had. Unfortunately it is not the style I 100% wanted, but I was just like: what the hell I'll take that. So know I'm owner of one more item in my garderobe which will help me surviving the weather changes and get me prepared for the winter season.

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