Aug 31, 2012


It is just to good to be true to have a mother which has a real amazing fashion sense and you can sneak to her closet while your visiting and secretly take the creme de la creme, the IT pieces with you. Long long time ago she bought this amazing neon lime green Jil Sander belt and I always knew I have to have it one day. The have to have it day was actually pretty long ago and I still wear the belt with honor. As in my other post, I mentioned that I love to take care of my cloth, to spent a good life with them, the job of guardian is already taken by Anna dello Russo, but I would call myself as keeper. Keeper of curiosities and long lost treasures. A bit over the top, but hey just go with it.
The belt itself is very simple, a more minimalistic piece, just the bright color makes it to a special one which I adore each and every day. Unfortunately I have no clue which season or collection it is from but everything about it is just so classic that I know I am going to wear it many more years. It is one of my all time favorites.


  1. This must be the craziest coincidence. Were you at the BON-party this week? Talked to a guy from Germany with a noticeably yellow belt, haha

  2. Yes, I was. Probably that was me then.