Sep 2, 2012


Thousands and thousands of different perfumes are out there and it is quiet hard to find one which gives you the perfect smack that you are looking for. Perfume can give you an ID, not certain but more or less. Mostly everyone recognizes you over your smell or has a certain memory regarding a particular haze. Every now and then I start thinking about having a new perfume. Why? Well I guess excitement in life, new time or just because the old one is empty and a new one has to take place. Mostly I have my fragrance, that I always use and always own. That is what I call 'The basic smell'
But now it was time for me to find something else to spice up my life and have a fresh change happening. A few years ago I discovered the Molecule fragrance line and I was blown away by the Molecule OI. Going mad when I smell it, it turns me on, makes me feel soft and I can smell it constantly. Finally I just bought the 30ml bottle, but I already regret that I haven't purchased the 100ml one. But I am not complaining, I am just sain'!

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