Sep 15, 2012


As I was already mentioned this lovely PRADA Camo Shirt in my very first post, but rather briefly, I think its time again to say how important I find shirts, particularly printed once. Walking around Stockholm, I spoted more and more people wearing camouflage again. A trend I actually really like. Camo prints don't have to be war related, as the word camouflage stands for blending in with nature, that is why there are mostly green. Nowadays we have more than just one kind of pattern, updated versions in colors, size and shapes hitting the Runway and the streets, so that Camo is not just a print for 'blending in' anymore. If you wear it, you actually want to be seen.
I just really like my PRADA Camouflage Shirt. It has a really nice fit and instead of the regular green color, it has red/white/beige and dark blue color combination. Also it is button down, which I do really like on shirts. It is quit loud but with the right combination of this fashion piece it is just more than a show stopper, it is my own little jaw dropper!

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