Sep 17, 2012


I have the feeling, now living in Sweden, people are constantly going to the gym, doing sports and living the healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle, I adapted so quickly, that I already found myself out the store in a whole uniform running, before I could even say R-U-N! To be honest, from being a couch potato, to becoming 'Sporty Spice' wasn't hard for me at all - here in Stockholm. I never thought I could be so influenced by it, but I guess seeing everyone running around in bright neon sneakers, has made me so motivated, that I now need my daily doses of an nice 'n smooth work out.
But the Trend of being fit is not only something for sporty people, looking at runways, streetstyle blogs and other medias made me realize how involved, being healthy and sporty, actually is in our daily life. There are so many collaborations out, but I especially really like the Nike x Undercover one. This collab. combines modern sportswear with an once again mix of technical details, innovation and subtle luxury. Just released a few images of the looks for Fall/Winter 2012 but also the clip from the Spring/Summer 2012 campaign is worth a watch.

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