Sep 11, 2012


After a nice long weekend at my mothers house in good old Germany, with lots of heat, amazing weather and even more sunshine, I'm back in Stockholm city. What a great time I had enjoying the garden, eating lots of fresh healthy food, just wearing shorts for gardening work and my favorite pair of sunglasses.
I got my PERSOL sunglasses at the end of last years summer while visitng the Wiesn in Munich. I found them in a little store and lucky as I am, there were just looking for my face to give shelter of nasty sun rays hurting my precious little eyes. And also to give my ego a nice boost while people give me compliments about how nice those sunglasses are. The classical shape is really going well with everything in my wardrobe. The shades to me are a classic pair, hand made in italy and just the right brown color. I have to say, that I am more than happy to have 'em in good and in bad day. What do I want more?!

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