Sep 5, 2012


Is it a Jacket? is it a Pullover? No! It's a Cardigan. Either you love it, or you hate it. That is my experience with a nice gentle cardigan. I find them fashionable, easy and much better than a zip sweater. A piece which you can easily style up and look dandy like or just have it as a simple item hanging over your shoulders. Cardigans are in fashion since, well since ever i guess. These little babies are performing rather well on men and women. Season by season, you'll find them on the runway and finally in stores. Crazy printed, classic, colorful once. You can find your dream cardigan if your a cardigan lover and the best part: You have the choice all year long.
I jadore a good cardigan. It's a keeper in my basic assortment. I particular have a favorite on. Let me present to you my ACNE Cashmere Cardigan. This one has a nice beige color with a dark green and red thread. The buttons out of shell and the details (as i mentioned in an earlier post about my ACNE Coat), nice and sophisticated in a modern way. I just enjoy rolling up in a ball with it, its soft, softer my little softy.

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