Sep 3, 2012


Buying a white T-Shirt is within the easiest thing you can do in the whole wide world. That is true. White T's are mostly simple of course and it is actually quiet hard to not find one, which makes you look different. But that is the best thing about a Simple White T-Shirt. The only difference between white shirts is mostly the price range. You can find a price ranges from cheesy to doofy prices.
Of course, I also do have a few basic white T-Shirts, a divers range of necks, shades and qualities, but no V-necks that's for sure! A white T-Shirt is just not a white T-Shirt anymore. Nowadays designers found there way to make the 'Simple White T-Shirt' to not just a basic anymore. The new challenge is: find a White Shirt, which helps you make look stunning and the same time easy, so when somebody gives you a compliment you can just say, 'Thanks, just a Basic'
COMME des GARÇONS with there PLAY line has some really nice basics and the price range is more or less okay, for a T-Shirt. I like the little heart logo, its playful as the name already says. PLAY!

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